The Sons of the Pioneers - Idaho (1943)

L to R: Hugh Farr, Tim Spencer, Bob Noland, Roy Rogers, Lloyd Perryman, Karl Farr, and Pat Brady (Idaho, 1943)

Yesterday was a rather hectic day for me. Besides working on school, I set up a Facebook account and connected it to my blog. So, I’m late again… Today I’m writing about Eric van Hamersveld’s book It was Always the Music. I took the title of this thread from his book.

Eric van Hamersveld spent 5 years researching for this project. 5 years of watching films, digging through scripts and song sheets, and contacting folks who might help him in his venture. All for 28 films. It was Always the Music is about the 28 films in which Roy and Dale starred together. Mr. van Hamersveld divided the book into 28 chapters – one for each film. Each chapter contains a summary of the film, 9 highlights, and the song sheets to each song in the film. The song sheets have the words, melody, and guitar chords for easy reading/playing. It was Always the Music also comes with 4 CDs containing the songs in the book. Besides being helpful in learning each song, the CDs are fun to listen to. Each of the soundtracks are taken directly from the film, so if someone makes a comment on the film during the song you get to hear it!

Even if you’re not musically inclined, the book is still great for discerning whether the film you’re watching is uncut or not. You can compare the songs in the film you’re watching to the songs in the book and if they don’t line up, either you’ve got the cut version (most likely), or you’re watching a different film. The CDs are also great even if you aren’t going to be playing the songs.

Eric van Hamersveld did a great job researching, editing, and putting together this treasure trove. Dale Evans and Roy “Dusty” Rogers Jr. each wrote a foreword to this book, sharing their feelings about music.

Just a tip for preserving the book – copy the songs you play often and stick the copies in a three-ring binder! This will save wear and tear on the book’s binding, and keep the book looking nice while you use the song sheets. I’ll tell you from experience, just playing out of the book every day will ruin the binding.

Again, Mr. van Hamersveld did an outstanding job on this book. It’s a must-have for any Roy Rogers/Dale Evans fan. Check it out here:

Happy Trails!



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