The Saturday Theater – Springtime in the Sierras

Roy Rogers and Trigger

Roy Rogers and Trigger

Today’s film is Springtime in the Sierras starring Roy Rogers, Trigger, Bullet, Jane Frazee, and Andy Devine. This film was made in 1947, shortly after Roy and Dale got married. Because Roy and Dale were married, Republic wouldn’t let her star opposite Roy anymore. They thought a couple on-screen would be weird and unattractive to the fans. Later, the huge amount of mail from disappointed fans convinced Republic to let Dale back into the Roy Rogers team, but for now, Jane Frazee took Dale’s place. Springtime in the Sierras features the most ferocious fight between Roy Rogers and Roy Barcroft. The fight takes place in a huge meat freezer just after Roy discovers that Barcroft’s gang has been hunting out of season. It’s a great film with lots of action – the girls even get in a fist fight!

Springtime in the Sierras (1947)

75 minutes (Trucolor)

Producer: Edward J. White

Director: William Witney

Screenplay: Sloan Nibley

Cast: Roy Rogers, Trigger, Dale Evans, Bob Nolan and the Sons of the Pioneers, Jane Frazee, Andy Devine, Stephanie Bachelor, Hal Landon, harry V. Cheshire, Roy Barcroft, Chester Conklin, Hank Patterson, Whitey Christy, Pascale Perry

Plot: Roy is working to break up a gang of out-of-season in his home town. The villains are led by a woman, Stephanie Bachelor. Look out! If you aren’t paying attention you might miss the fact that there’s two gals in this film – Taffy Baker (Jane Frazee) and Jean Lorring (Stephanie Bachelor). Roy Rogers and Roy Barcroft’s famous fight inside a meat freezer takes place shortly after Roy discovers who’s on the hunting team.

Songs: “Oh, What a Picture”, “The Quilting Party”, “A Cowboy has to Sing”, “Pedro from Acapulco”, “What Are We Gonna Do Then?” and “Springtime in the Sierras”

You can buy it as an Amazon Instant Video here:

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