The Saturday Theater -Sunset Serenade

Roy Rogers and Trigger

Roy Rogers and Trigger

Today we’ll be looking at Sunset Serenade. Made in 1942, this film centers around Roy’s efforts to help an eastern girl keep her ranch. There is a villain and a villainess who want the ranch for themselves. They’re willing to go as far as murder to get it. It’s an action-packed film with just enough music to ease the tension – and provide an excellent ending. Keep your eyes open! During the final song (“I’m Headin’ for the Home Corral”), after Bob flips the switch on a cherry-bombed pie, the Pioneers are all so busy laughing at Gabby that they forget to keep singing. The sound track is still rolling as the Pioneers double over with laugher. Whoops!

Sunset Serenade (1942)

58 minutes (black and white)

Producer: Joseph Kane

Director: Joseph Kane

Screenplay: Earl Felton

Cast: Roy Rogers, Trigger, Gabby Hayes, Pat Brady, Bob Nolan and the Sons of the Pioneers, Helen Parrish, Onslow Stevens, Joan Woodbury, Frank M. Thomas, Roy Barcroft, Jack Kirk, Dick Wessell, Rex Lease, Jack Ingram, Fred Burns, Budd Buster, Jack Rockwell

Plot: Villains Onslow Stevens and Joan Woodbury plan to bilk a newly arrived Easter girl, Helen Parrish, and her infant ward out of a ranch which belongs to the child. Roy comes to the assistance of the gal and save the ranch. Gabby is rather greedy about the deserts throughout the film and during the final song the Pioneers pay him back. They plant a pie in the kitchen and when Gabby starts to eat it, they flip a switch which sets off a cherry bomb. This leaves the Pioneers laughing and Gabby a pie-covered mess.

Songs: “Son of the San Joaquin”, “I’m a Cowboy Rockefeller”, “Sandman Lullaby”, “He’s a No Good Son-of-a-Gun”, “Mavourneen O’Shea”, and “I’m Headin’ for the Home Corral”

You can get the uncut version of this film on DVD here.

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