A Salute to the Veterans of America

The American Flag

The American Flag

Veterans’ Day is a solemn day, reminding us of what our brave soldiers have given. It’s a day where we remember them – both the dead and living – and thank them for their sacrifices. A small town near where I live erected white crosses along both sides of Main Street. Each cross has a small flag pole on top, with a U.S. flag flying from it. Each cross also has a name printed on it, commemorating a veteran that lived (or lives) there.

For those of you who have relatives who served, take special time today to call them, send them a card, or visit with them. They gave more than you may realize, both mentally and physically, to protect our country.

While it’s too late to thank them personally, consider what those who have gone before gave for their country. They gave the supreme sacrifice: dying so their descendants could live in a better America.

Thank you, Veterans, for what you gave so we can live. May God bless you.

Happy Trails,



About rogersdale

I am originally from Texas but have lived in Florida for the past 8 years. I am the oldest of 6 and live on a 10 acre farm.
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