The Saturday Theater – The Yellow Rose of Texas – 1944

Roy Rogers and Trigger

Roy Rogers and Trigger

The Yellow Rose of Texas was Roy’s second film with his future wife, Dale Evans. Dale plays an actress on a show boat known as the Yellow Rose of Texas. Her father, Weston, had been thrown in the slammer five years previously for a crime he didn’t commit. His first night as a guard for the express company, the shipment was robbed and the driver was shot in the back. Weston was accused of steeling the Hollister Mine payroll after the wagon and payroll disappeared. Weston never had a chance to clear himself. Five years later, he broke out of jail in an effort to find the lost wagon and payroll. His daughter doesn’t know where he is, but Roy, an insurance investigator trying to recover the money, believes she knows more than she’s telling. Dale and Weston must convince Roy that he and the police are after the wrong man before Weston is locked up again. They must also find the payroll and clear Weston.

The Yellow Rose of Texas (1944)

69 minutes (black and white)

Producer: Harry Grey

Director: Joseph Kane

Screenplay: Jack Townley

Cast: Roy Rogers, Trigger, Dale Evans, Bob Nolan and the Sons of the Pioneers, Grant Withers, Harry Shannon, George Cleveland, William Haade, Weldon Hayburn, Hal Taliaferro, Tom London, Dick Botiller, Janet Martin, Brown Jug Reynolds, Bob Wilke, Jack O’Shea, Rex Lease, Emmet Vogan, John Dilson, Fred Toones

Plot: Roy is an undercover insurance investigator working as a singer on the “Yellow Rose of Texas” showboat owned by Dale Evans. Roy is trying to locate unrecovered money from a robbery five years ago. Dale’s father was convicted for the crime but the money was never recovered. The father has broken out of jail, and Roy thinks he’ll show up on the boat. After confronting the man with the evidence, Roy hears the whole story and is convinced that the police are looking for the wrong man. Roy then helps Dale try to clear her father.

Songs: “Two-Seated Saddle and a One-Gaited Horse”, “Lucky Me, Unlucky You”, “Song of the Rover”, “Western Wonderland”, “Down at the Old Town Hall”, “Down Mexico Way”, “Timber Trail”, “Show Boat”, “Take It Easy”, and “Yellow Rose of Texas”

Note: Although there are many versions out there that claim to be the full-length film, most are not. Of the ten original songs, only four are included in a lot of these “full-length” films. The six that are commonly emitted are “Two-Seated Saddle and a One-Gaited Horse”, “Lucky Me, Unlucky You”, “Western Wonderland”,  “Down at the Old Town Hall”, “Down Mexico Way”, and “Take It Easy”.

The cut version is available here.

Or, if you have access to a VHS player (or a player that can transfer VHS to DVD), this four tape set is a great deal. On high-quality VHS you get The Carson City Kid, Home in Oklahoma, The Cowboy and the Senorita, and The Yellow Rose of Texas. Although the individual run times are not listed, the collected run time divided by four is around 66 minutes a piece – which would be full-length.

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