The Saturday Theater – Susanna Pass (1949)

Roy Rogers and Trigger

Roy Rogers and Trigger

Dale returned to Roy’s side in 1949 after a year-long break from the movie screen. Susanna Pass was the first film the duo released in 1949. Set in a fish hatchery out west, the battle is over the lake – or what’s at the bottom of it. Roy is the local game warden and unofficial Sheriff’s Deputy in the area. Martin and Russell Masters – two highly respected citizens of Susanna Pass – have a nephew who just escaped from prison. Martin had Bob sent to jail a few years back over an oil mining fraud. Now Bob is out to get his uncle. Roy and the Riders are helping search for Bob and his buddy, Roberts. Things get complicated when Russell’s lake is dynamited, and then Russell drowns. Roy proves that Russell’s boat was shot out from under him, and the suspect list isn’t very long: Bob, Russell’s new assistant (Dale), or Roberts. Or maybe there’s someone else?

Susanna Pass (1949)

67 minutes (Trucolor)

Producer: Edward J. White

Director: William Witney

Screenplay: Sloan Nibley

Cast: Roy Rogers, Trigger, Dale Evans, Foy Willing and the Riders of the Purple Sage, Estelita Rodriguez, Martin Garralaga, Robert Emmett Keane, Lucien Littlefield, Douglas Fowley, David Sharpe, Robert Bice

Plot: Roy is a game warden and range patrol officer in this fast-paced mystery. Two convicts escape from the penitentiary and Roy tries to track them down. One of the convicts is a relative of the local fish hatchery owner and his brother, the newspaper publisher. Roy and the brothers have good reason to believe that the nephew will come back and cause trouble. When someone dynamites the lake and kills hundreds of fish, Roy begins suspecting that there is more than personal revenge at stake. The hatchery owner “accidentally” drowns, and Dale Evans inherits the hatchery. Roy has to sort out the good from the bad and lay charges before someone else is murdered.

Songs: “Susanna Pass”, “Good, Good Morning”, “Brush Those Tears from Your Eyes”, and “Two-Gun Rita”

This film is available on DVD or as an Instant Video.

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